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How To Make Magnetic Slime Without Borax

It may come as a surprise to you that slime could be made that’s magnetic. In fact, magnetic slime is pretty amazing! It can be stretched and squeezed and it can also be sent towards the floor in a long strand and the fact that it is magnetic just makes it even more fun. If you’re looking for an activity to kill the boredom on a wet day or if you want to have a science-related activity, then magnetic slime is your answer.

Ingredients Needed for Magnetic Slime

  • ¼ cup of White Glue
  • ¼ cup of Liquid Starch
  • 2 tbsp. Iron oxide powder
  • Magnet – neodymium
  • Bowls

How to Make Magnetic Slime

  1. Pour the liquid starch into a bowl. Add the iron powder and mix well.
  2. Now add the glue to the mixture and continue to mix.
  3. Remove the slime from the bowl and use your hands to mix it. If there’s any liquid that’s left inside the bowl, don’t worry about this as this doesn’t need to be used. You may find that your hands turn black, so you will need to wash them as soon as possible. If this doesn’t come off straight away, there’s no need to panic as it will come off by the next day. If you really don’t want to stain your hands then a good option would be to use disposable gloves.
  4. Use some paper towels to pat the slime dry and remove any of the excess liquid. Once the slime has dried out it won’t stain your hands anymore and the slime will be ready to have fun with!

Now that you are ready to play with it, it may be worth using some paper to cover the area that the slime will be played on. This is especially important if the slime will be played on a light area. When you’re feeling adventurous, you could try and blow a bubble with this magnetic slime.

You may be wondering why the iron oxide powder doesn’t get pulled out by the neodymium powder. The reason for this is adhesion. This basically means properties that are not like each other i.e. the iron oxide powder and the slime (polymer) attract to each other.

On the opposite hand, you have cohesion which means particles which are similar attract to each other. For this reason, when making slime we need to make sure that we can differentiate between cohesion and adhesion.

Is Magnetic Slime Safe

Important Points to Note

  • Be caution with the neodymium magnets as they are very, very strong. When trying to separate them be mindful of your fingers as they can become pinched in the process.
  • When purchasing neodymium magnets, consider what shape to buy. They are available in bar and cube shapes and we would recommend a cube shape for magnetic slime.
  • Keep the magnets away from computers, mobile phones, and electronics.
  • It is not good to breathe in iron oxide powder and this is the reason why its mixed into the liquid starch.
  • If small children are playing with the magnets, make sure that they are not put into their mouths as if they are swallowed, it could be dangerous. In fact, if a child likes to put things into their mouths, magnetic slime is probably not the best activity to undertake.

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