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The world of slime


Have you checked out youtube.com lately? Slime-making has become an internet craze and videos upon videos about it is flooding! There are tons of how-to’s that you can find about making different slime types. But still, a lot of you guys out their complain that your slime didn’t turn out.


Slime is the one toy that has been so popular in entertaining kids of all ages around the world for so many years now. This viscous, non-solid nor liquid matter always excites our imagination—may you be a toddler, teenager, and even an old adult. Almost all of us love slime that even the kid’s channel Nickelodeon has it on their logo.


The main secret


Here is the main secret to successfully create your own gooey and awesome slime! The RIGHT glue.



  1. Elmer’s glue

This one is the most preferred glue brand when you search the internet for slime recipes. It simply has the right PVA or Polyvinyl alcohol proteins that react with activators to successfully create your own mesmerizing slime.


  1. Maddie Rae’s Slime Glue

Maddie Rae’s glue is simply one of the best, non-fail glue you have to have in making slime! Maddie is a 12-year-old girl who has successfully created her own glue from experiments. She has a Guinness World Record for her 13,820-pound slime.


  1. Mont Marte Glue

In countries that are from the US like Australia, Elmer’s glue is simply not bountiful. But this one is!


  1. PVA wood glue

Even wood glue can be used in making that wonderful, thought-inducing toy! Just as long as it is branded ‘PVA’. But when using this, be careful in having too much for the mixture as it may make your slime stiff.



Other glues can make your slime stiff, too stretchy, clay-like or worse, look like smurf vomit! Yuck.

Check out our 20 easy slime recipes list. How did your slime making go? If you have any suggestions to make, it better leave a comment. We love listening to our fans.

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