Pizza Challenge Video – Toy Divas Episode #10

Today’s episode for the Toy Diva’s is a fun crazy challenge: it’s the pizza challenge video.

Watch your favorite Toy Divas take on the pizza challenge, and be inspired to make your own pizza challenge.

The Toy Divas Pizza Challenge Experience

In a bowl, there were several different ingredients for our pizza challenge.  To be selected to see who could come up with the craziest pizza topping combination. The ingredients for the Toy Diva’s challenge were Doritos, buffalo chicken, sausage, and candy sprinkles. Two ingredients were selected by each Diva for their pizza. The first pizza topping combination was Doritos and candy sprinkles. The second pizza topping combination was sausage and again the candy sprinkles. After the toppings had been selected, the pizzas were popped into the oven. Some of the toppings did not fair well under the heat and burnt, so they were replaced with some unburnt items. The results are hilarious with only a bite or two taken before stopping to clean the taste from their mouths.

Your Own Crazy Pizza Challenge

Now, it’s time to take your own pizza challenge. You’ll want to gather up some unique and interesting ingredients, and place slips of paper in the bowl with each topping name. Have each participant pick two different ingredients to bake on their pizza. Bake in an oven until the pizza toppings are cooked, and the dough is done. Wait for it to cool and see who can eat the most of their crazy topped pizza.

Pizza Challenge Toppings Ideas:

Try spicy toppings like hot sauce, spicy Italian sausage, pepperoncini, and chili.

Try candy toppings like red hot candies, nerds, skittles, Andes mints, and M & Ms.

Try chips as toppings like Fritos, Funyuns, onion straws, and different flavors of Pringles.

Be creative and have fun with it!

Be sure to have an adult present if you’re not old enough to put a tray with your pizza challenge slices into the oven.

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