VIDEO: Shopkins Kinstructions Unboxing – Toy Divas Episode #3

In this episode of Toy Divas, we unveiled a mystery box! The box contained some wonderful Shopkins items.

1. Shopkins Kinstructions Mini Pack
The shopkins Kin’struckins Mini Pack is a building set of 62 pieces, similar to Legos. Each pack comes with 2 collectible characters and a buildable set. We received four different mini packs:Checkout Lane with D’Lish Donut and Soda Pops, Checkout Lane with Lippy Lips and Polly Polish, Shopping Cart with Strawberry Kiss and Posh Pear, Shopping Cart with Freezy Peasy and Wild Carrot. These mini sets allow you to create scenes from the cute and lovable world of Shopkins. Shopkins Kin’struckins Mini Pack got a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

2. Shopkins Kinstructions Building Set
The Shopkins Kinstructions Building Set is like the mini pack but it has 101 pieces. Each building set comes with 3 collectible characters, a buildable set, and accessories. You can even mix and match the characters. We received two different building sets:Fashion Boutique – The Fashion Boutique comes with a Polly Perfume, Blush Compact, and Polly Polish.Fruit and Vegetable Stand – The Fruit and Vegetable Stand comes with Corny Cob, Pumpkinella, and Cheri Tomato.Along with the building pieces and collectible characters is a picture instruction manual, making it easy for children to follow without having to read tiny print. Shopkins Kin’struckins Building set got a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

3. Shopkins Brush Buddies
The third item in our mystery box was a set of 2 toothbrushes. The toothbrushes come in cool, colorful shopkins designs, making brush time a fun time. The bristles are soft enough for your little ones, but strong enough to remove plaque. There is even a grip for little hands to feel comfortable maneuvering the toothbrush. Shopkins Brush Buddies got 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

After going through the whole mystery box we decided to open one. We chose to open the Shopkins Kinstructions Fruit and Vegetable Stand building set. The shopkins were able to come apart so that you could mix and match the characters, which we thought was cool. We recommend this toy if you like to build but sometimes find Legos to be too difficult.

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