Slime Recipes

DIY Soft Serve Slime Recipes, Without Borax or Cornstarch

How to make soft serve slime. We try recipes with or without borax and cornstarch. This soft serve slime cream recipe is a fun DIY project for your kids.

Calling all scientists! Calling all mad scientists! It’s time to get slimed!

One of the coolest projects for kids (or young-at-heart-adults reared on the slime-drenched days of Nickelodeon) is to make your own slime. That’s right! This DIY Soft Serve Slime recipe doesn’t use any borax or cornstarch and will bring out the mad scientist in you!Like any mad scientist knows, there are a lot of slimes you could make. From super sticky and putty-like slimes to gooey and of a consistency that can only be described as “meant to be slopped over people’s heads,” some of the most hand-held slimes give the cleanest fun. This recipe is quick, simple, and will have you playing in no time—and with a clean, mess free lab to boot!

Ready to bring out the mad scientist in you? Okay!

Gather Your Supplies…
Your ingredients are simple and should be easy to acquire. You needn’t the resources of a rocket scientist to get mad for slime! You should be able to find all these supplies at your local supermarket. Some grocery stores carry to school and craft supplies, as well as a few kitchen supplies like bowls and utensils. If your local store is a little more specialized than that, you may need to pop into your local drugstore and maybe even a craft store to pick up a couple things.

What Ingredients Do I Need?

1 Whisk
1 Large Glass Mixing Bowl
Plastic Wrap (enough to cover bowl)

2 Bottles Elmer’s School Glue
1/4 Cup Water
Drops of Food Coloring (of choice)
Baby Powder
Glitter (optional)
Shaving Cream (aerosol foam works best)
Saline Solution


Now that you have your lab in order for all your ingredients and supplies at the ready, the real fun begins. Watch as, like magic, these simple ingredients transform into a fun, foamy slime! But it’s not magic… it’s SCIENCE!

Step 1: Empty both bottles of Elmer’s School Glue into a large glass mixing bowl.

Step 2: Add the water and food coloring. The more drops you add of the food coloring, the darker your foam will be. Pastel tones look great with the soft serve texture but feel free to experiment and make your soft serve slime the way you want.

Step 3: Whisk the mixture thoroughly until it’s completely blended and smooth. It should have an even tone of color throughout.

Step 4: Now sprinkle in about two to three large shakings of baby powder and, if you’re using it, as much glitter as you’re willing to experiment with. Careful with that glitter, scientists! Let’s try to keep our lab as clean as possible!

Step 5: Whisk it up again, super well.

Step 6: Squirt in a generous amount of shaving cream and, yep, you got it—mix again!

Step 7: As a contact solution, add a generous squirt of the saline and get back to whisking. You’ll notice that, not before long, the mixture will start to take on a kind of soft serve texture and consistency.

Step 8: You’re almost done! Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and freeze the mixture for one hour. Maybe spend that hour planning your next mad creation.

Step 9: Remove the bowl from the freezer and take a poke at your slime. Ohh! So rad! You should be able to easily remove the slime from the glass bowl.

You’ve Won the Slime Prize!
Well done, scientists! You’ve successfully concluded your experiments and the results are your own personal slime! Enjoy all the mushy, foamy fun that comes from making your own soft serve slime as you squish your fingers in slimy joy. For even more fun, share this experiment with friends, family, and classmates!

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