WWE Slam Crate March 2017 Unboxing Video – Toy Divas Episode #11

Any idea of who Loot Crate are? It is the only company that gives out box subscriptions that come once every two months for all the real fans of the WWE. Actually, the box subscriptions contain four items which can include a T-Shirt, cards with superstars, posters, and much more.

As for today’s unboxing, we will be looking at what this month’s WWE Slam Crate contains. What is cool is that the Loot Crate box is made in such a way to resemble a wrestling venue with a ring and fans surrounding it.

Statue in a box: This time round we have the Rock featuring in it. He is one of the biggest WWE superstars of all time.

T-shirt: Wow, Wow, Wow, it is the original T-shirt of Seth Rollins whereby the front has his initials well designed and with the sign at its back.

WWE fanny pack: this fanny pack is made in a design to resemble the WWE championship belt. The pouch has a zip which opens where you can safely keep your money or credit cards inside and wear it like a champ! What do you think?

Poster/booklet: like the rest of the Loot Crate boxes, this one also comes with a booklet/poster that tells you clearly what the road to Wrestlemania 33 is. When folded out, there is a clear picture of the Undertaker on one side and the other one a picture of Charlotte. Apart from that, it also contains a list of all the items the box contains.

A sticker: it is a world wrestling entertainment champion sticker that is gold in color, which is, of course, a perfect color for champions.

Exclusive Cards: this time round we have cards of different WWE Superstars like John Cena, Charlotte, Kevin Owens, and one that has both Rick Flair andSasha Banks.

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