VIDEO: Shopkins Minecraft Unboxing – Toy Divas Episode #4

On Episode #4 of Toy Divas, the following toys were featured:

1. The Secret Life of Pets Mystery Keychain

Each bag contains one of Illuminations’ The Secret Life Of Pets characters as a hanger figure. There are seven to collect, but there is no way to tell which character will be in a bag. These plastic figures can be placed on a backpack, keyring, or wherever they can hang around. The 1″ plastic characters available to collect are Max, Duke, Snowball, Gigit, Chloe and Mel.

2.Minecraft 3″ Figure Hangers Blind Pack: Series 2

The second series contains 13 Minecraft figurines to collect (Chest, Ghast, Diamond Steve, Mooshroom Cow, Enderman, Ocelot, Portal, Wolf, Gold Steve, Tamed Wolf, Squid, Alex and Cat) which is the same amount as the first series. These 3″ plastic keychain figures can be placed on backpacks or keyrings. The packages do not tell the buyer which figure they will be getting, so collecting them all may be a bit of a challenge.

3.Shopkins Plush Hanger Mystery Pack:Series 2

The second series contains 5 new Shopkins characters to collect (Minnie Mintie, Toasty Pop, Sneaky Wedge, Poppy Corn, and Lippy Lips) that are all soft plush keychains to place on backpacks and keychains. They are so soft, that snuggling up with them wouldn’t be a problem either. These mystery packs do not show which character will be found in a bag, so collecting them all might be a little tough, but since there are onyl five in this series, it won’t be extremely difficult.

4.Shopkins Season 5 Mystery Petkins 2-pack Backpack

The season 5 Shopkins Mystery Perkins 2-pack Backpacks come with four collectibles that are two shopkins and two Petkin backpacks. The mystery 2-packs come along with a collector’s guide to assist with the collecting process. The Petkin Backpacks are carry cases for the Shopkins that also connect together. There is a Shopkins™ charm to collect and wear on the arm as well.

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