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Is Borax Slime Safe, What is Borax Substitute For Slime

Homemade slim is something that children love to make. Slime is fun and icky at the same time. Borax is a popular ingredient that is used to make homemade slime. While children find it fun many parents wonder if Borax is safe for their children. There are also some alternatives to making slim with Borax.

Safety Concerns About Using Borax

Borax is designed to be used as a household cleaner. Before letting your kids use Borax it is important to review the safety information. There have been reports of children being burned by this cleaner. Others have complained that their hands hurt and some have developed blisters from playing with this slime. The blisters began to peel and the child was left with chemical burns on their hands. When mixing up the slime the Borax can irritate the skin. If your child is playing with the slime and then puts their hands in their mouth this can be toxic.

Cornstarch as a Replacement for Borax

Cornstarch is a great replacement for Borax when making slim. Instead of the Borax cornstarch is added to the mixture. The slime usually starts with two parts cornstarch to one part water. Food coloring can also be added. Cornstarch is nontoxic. Even if the child injects it by accident it will not cause harm. This is one of the simplest recipes that you and your child can make. The cornstarch, water, and possibly food coloring are mixed and the slime is ready to go. The texture can be adjusted by the amount of water that it added. You can also heat up the mixture in the microwave so it is easier for the child to mix.

Powered Fiber Slime as a Replacement for Using Borax

There is another simple ingredient that can replace Borax when making slime at home. You can use powered fiber in the same. This is a supplement and it can be purchased at most grocery stores. The brand does not matter and this fiber is safe for your children to handle. When making the slime the water and the fiber may need to be heated to get the texture that the children like. The water level can be adjusted based on how runny you want the slime to be. Food coloring can also be added to make the slime look cool.

Other Borax Replacements When Making Slime at Home

There are some other ways to make slime without using Borax. These other items that can be used to make slime at home include:

A mixture of baking soda and glue
Contact lens solution mixed with glue
Powdered laundry detergent
Baby Powder (talc powder)

These items are all good alternative to using Borax in the same. These alternatives will keep your child safe and will allow them to enjoy making and playing with slime. When the child is done playing with the slime it can be stored in plastic zip lock bags and be saved for the next day.

These are some of the safe alternatives to making slime that you can do with your child. Borax can lead to burns on the hands so it is best to use these alternative recipes. Your child can still have fun making slime and you will know they are doing it safely.

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