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Best Way To Store Slime, How To Keep Slime From Hardening

How To Store Slime

Slime seems to be the latest craze for children under 12. It is a fun and creative science project for everyone. After making the creation, the next concern would be how to store slime and keep it from hardening. Get the scoop on how to go about it below.

Quick Solutions For Storing Slime

If you’re like us, too busy with family stuff, you can always order some storage containers from Amazon and be done with it. The one we have purchased before are DOMIRE 40 Pack Slime Containers. These are small and perfect for your slime maker and cheap.

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Home Options Available for Storing Slime

how to store slime

The best way to store slime is to make sure that you remove as much moisture from it as possible. You can achieve this by kneading it until it feels dry. It also helps to make it firmer enabling you to store in an airtight container or ziplock bag, and you can keep it indefinitely if it contains borax because it does not go bad.

Is Borax Safe?

If you choose to use a ziplock bag for storing homemade slime:

  1. Place the slime inside the ziplock bag. Make sure that it is large enough to fit the slime in. At the same time, don’t choose a bag that is too big as you want to avoid having too much air inside the bag as this will keep the slime from drying out.
  2. Now you need to zip the bag halfway and then squeeze out any air that is in the bag. The reason for this is that air will dry out your slime so the more air that you can get out, the longer your slime will last. A good tip would be to zip the bag until it’s almost closed but leave a small gap so that you fit a straw in. Suck out the air through the straw and then seal the bag.
  3. Once you’ve got out as much air as possible and the bag is zipped up, check the zipper again to make sure that it’s closed so that it’s as tight as possible.
  4. When it comes to storing slime, place the bag in the refrigerator as this is the best way to store slime. Bacteria can grow on slime, but a refrigerator will help to slow this process down and it is the best way of keeping slime fresh.

If you choose to use an airtight container to keep your slime fresh:

  1. Choose a container that’s the about the right size to hold the slime. You want to keep the slime from drying out, so you need to avoid air. Also placing some plastic wrap on top of the slime can prevent the slime from drying. A food container would be a perfect
  2. The container can be a jar or a screw top. Make sure that the container is closed tightly and that the seal is fully closed.
  3. Do you refrigerate slime? Yes, place this container in the refrigerator to preserve the slime.

store slime in container

Where Do You Store Slime

Once the slime is in containers or ziplock bags. We put the slimes in a large bin or laundry basket at the bottom of a closet.

How To Keep Slime From Drying Out

Hardened slime is no fun. Maintaining the fluffy and softness of your creation is a skill that all enthusiast should get. To keep your product as stretchy, squishy, and supple as possible, I have come up with some effective techniques you can employ such as:

Pour antibacterial gel
One or two drops of an antibacterial gel can help to soften slime, just drip the gel on the solid product when it is in a bowl. You can stir it in with a spoon before kneading it to softness. You will now have bacterial free slime for a while as a bonus.

Use warm water
One of the easiest ways to transform hard and brittle slime is to use warm water. You only need a few tablespoons of the water in a bowl then knead the slime into the water. It absorbs some of the water making it soft immediately.

Using hot water
Similar to the softening process above, I have found that using hot water is also fruitful. This time, however, you will need to submerge the slime into the water and use a spatula to stir it softly, until most of it dissolves. From here, you are free to add a few pumps of shaving cream to produce a bubbly texture.

Using Slime Activator
It only comes in handy when you explore the two water methods above but end up using excess liquid. When we tried this with the neighborhood kids, we uncovered that using slime activator on the hand helps to get slime back to its gooey and thick texture. Just be sure to continue kneading it until you have an impressive ball of slimy goodness.

The lotion is not only capable of keeping skin soft and supple because it can have the same effect on slime. Just add a little to a bowl and mix it with a splash of water. The exciting part comes in when you throw in the slimy substance and squish it in before removing and kneading it. It is also a viable option for keeping your product fluffy.

Microwave the slime
It may sound crazy, but the kitchen appliance can also help you enjoy soft sludge. Start by putting it in a bowl that has a little warm water before taking it out and squeezing it so that it does not have any water. Use a safe microwave bowl to heat it for 10 seconds for the best results.

There you have it! no more frowning over thick slime as you have the right information to keep it good and fresh.

More Tips to Keep Slime Fresh

  • Avoid dirty surfaces: When it comes to keeping your slime fresh and preserving it, keep it away from dirty areas. If your slime comes in contact with something dirty, then its best to throw it away.
  • Hand Hygiene: Before you play with the slime, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly by using warm water and soap. Our hands contain lots of bacteria and this can increase the possibility of bacteria growing on the slime.

How To Fix Hardened Slime

Aside from adding water to slime that’s turned hard, you can use a couple of drops of antibacterial gel to soften the slime. Use your hands to mix it together until the slime softens once again.

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      You can add more shaving cream or buy some scents from Michaels.

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