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How To Make Nickelodeon’s Iconic Slime, Ingredients And Full Recipe

If you are a fan of ‘Double Dare’ you wanted to make that super iconic slime for yourself, right? You can make them in your home, anytime. But Nickelodeon is keeping its slime secret tightly locked up. So what do you do? Let us show you a fun way to make green protein slime that you can eat!

First things first – Ingredients and Tools!

Here is what you would need to make theNickelodeon’s Iconic Slime. The ingredients are simple, and you could buy them from your supermarket easily.

-Spinach – 1 Cup;
-Protein Powder of your choice – 1 scoop is enough;
-Liquid Stevia – 6-7 drops
-Unsweetened or sweetened almond milk – half or one-third cup;
-Almond extract – 1 teaspoon;
-A blender
-A bowl to throw it on unsuspecting victims!

So what do we do with these ingredients?

Mix them of course! But in a specific manner. The slime must appear smooth and should not have any lumps in it. Well, that’s how Nickelodeon does it right? So, mix the ingredients in the blender and run it until you see a homogenous paste begin to form. Homogenous means smooth, without lumps. You should keep stirring with a spoon to check for these lumps. You could do this a few times for a few minutes to ensure you’re going right. Keep blending the gooky substance until you are satisfied with the look and feel.

What next?

When the mixture is as per your satisfaction, pour it from the blender to a bowl. And then play your own game of Double Dare. Drop it from a door, surprise throw it from the top balcony or a floor to prank the hell out of people. Make them squeal matey!

Just make sure that bowl you use is of plastic and not glass or bone china. You want their heads covered in slime, not bandages!

How is it edible?

Well, check the ingredients. You are not using glue or borax, are you? As long as you do not use these things to make the slime sticky or messy, you are fine. If anything, your prank victim may like the taste and eat the slime off his or her own head! If you don’t find a victim, don’t worry. You can use it on your pancakes or waffles and make a tasty treat for yourself.

You can control the stickiness by adjusting the amount of protein powder and almond milk. And you can adjust the taste by changing the milk.

But don’t keep it outside for much longer. Your green slime will turn black because of the spinach and Popeye will get angry! It’s easy to make theNickelodeon’s Iconic Slime and the only thing that you have to worry about is getting those ingredients together.

Check out our 20 easy slime recipes list. How did your slime making go? If you have any suggestions to make, it better leave a comment. We love listening to our fans.

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