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DIY Slime Party Favor For Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

Birthday parties are monumental in the lives and growth of your child. It is a chance they get to interact with friends, have fun and get celebrated as they add another year to their life. It makes it a happy occasion for children to look forward.Amusing and enjoyable activities should be plenty to keep the party lively, keep the children busy and at the same time be safe for the children. They can range from anything like roller coasters to bouncing castles.

Diy slime is easy to make and is becoming a favorite of children because the process of making it is engaging. Make your child’s birthday party a huge bang with unique slime party favors.Slime can be made with or without using glue and uses everyday ingredients that are easy to access. Below are different ways to make slime.How to make slime without glue. You will need the following to begin:


· 3 cups of cornstarch
· A jug full of water
· A large mixing bowl
· Glitter

The steps below should be followed to make certain that your final product is as you desired.

1. Put the 3 cups of cornstarch in the mixing bowl. You can reduce or increase the amount depending on how much slime you want to make.

2. Add small amounts of water to the cornstarch in the container.

3. You can either mix the contents with your hands or use a large spoon to mix.

4. Put in the glitter as you continue to mix.

5. You can keep adding water until the mixture is smooth and to your liking.

6. When you are done and are satisfied with the slime, remove it from the bowl and store in an airtight container to keep it from dying out.

How to make slime with glue. You will need the following items:


· 1 cup of glue
· 1 cup of contact solution
· ½ a cup of glitter
· 1 teaspoon of baking soda
· A large mixing bowl

Adhere to the steps below to make the slime1. In the large bowl, put in the cup of glue. The cup should be plastic or ceramic to make certain that the glue doesn’t stick to it.

1. In the large bowl, put in the cup of glue. The cup should be plastic or ceramic to make certain that the glue doesn’t stick to it.

2. Add the teaspoon of baking soda and mix the contents thoroughly.

3. As you mix it out, you can proceed to add the cup of glitter.

4. Pour in the small amounts of the contact solution into the mixture until it is smooth and to the texture, you would want. If you want the slime to be thick, you can minimize the amount of contact solution you put in the mix.

Making slime is an activity you can do on your own or supervise while the children make it. It saves time as the making process is short and money because the ingredients are readily available and can be stored to use later. Slime comes in different forms, and it is always fun to explore unique ways of making it.

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