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DIY Slime Starter Kit Materials For Kids, Make Your Own

Do It Yourself, or DIY slime kits are fantastic things to get your kids off their phones, tablets or ‘clash of clans’ and satisfy their urge for undying curiosity. They are just what you need to stimulate your kids’ creativity and more, help them in their development process.

What you do need to remember though is that there are many DIY starter kits for your kids, and you might just want to make the right one yourself for your kid, instead of buying one in the store.

So how do you go about arranging one for your kids?

Make Your Own

Instead of relying on purchased kits, you can make your own. You’ll stay in control of the ingredients and you can list out the instructions in a way that your kid can understand. All you need are ingredients and a shiny package. Here’s what you can do:

Order a nice packaging box, about 8 x 4 x 6 inches in size, preferably from online suppliers. You can have your own cartoony, gloopy design of slime printed on it, or select a design and have them print it on your box.

Gather all the equipment that is needed to make slime. The ingredients will depend on what kind of slime you want your kids to make. There’s glowing slime, glittery slime, and edible slimes as well. So pick one and get the ingredients.

Order or buy some nice looking packaging for all the ingredients. Make sure they will fit in your box.

Have the instructions printed on nice, glossy paper with diagrams if you can.

Now package all the ingredients and instruction papers in the box and glue the opening flap or tape it with a transparent tape.And behold! Your very own DIY Slime kit is ready!

What ingredients should I include?

Your ingredients should include items that fit the following categories:

A substance similar to glue that can hold the slime together and keep it viscous; for example glue. You can choose the color yourself. You can also find glowing glue solutions on the market.
Contact lens solution or a saline solution. Be careful when you are filling it up in a small plastic bag to be included in the box.
Glitter or something similar if you are going for glitter slime.

Can’t I just buy a DIY kit?

Well, nobody’s stopping you. There are some amazing kits on Amazon and some specialized sites that only sell slime kits. However, there is nothing like making your own slime – which can provide your kids hours of fun.


There is nothing like the satisfaction of building a ‘DIY’ kit yourself.

Try our 20 easy slime recipes list. Let us know how your slime making went if you have any suggestions to make the slime better leave a comment. We love hearing from our fans.

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