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How To Make Gold Glitter Slime With Food Coloring

The power of gold and glitter is enough to mesmerize any human being, even children. Now imagine if you had a slime of that color. It feels like playing with liquid gold! So how do you make one at home yourself? And that too, without using borax? The benefits are many and with the food coloring with no borax you do not have to worry about any health issues in the longer run.

Here is how you can go about it.

What do I need?

The list isn’t something that you wouldn’t find easily.

-1 cup liquid starch.
-Elmer’s washable glue.
-Gold glitter glue from your supermarket.
-A spoon and bowl for mixing the stuff, preferably wooden.
-A chef hat and apron.

What is the recipe?

Step 1: Take about 2/3 cup golden glitter glue and 1/3 cup Elmer’s glue in the bowl.
Step 2: Add about ½ cup of warm water to this bowl and mix it well.
Step 3: Now add the liquid starch, about ½ cup in measure and start stirring with the wooden spoon.
Step 4: Keep stirring until it is thick and viscous.
Step 5: If it becomes too thick, add more glue and knead with your hands if necessary.
Step 6: When you are satisfied with the thickness and the color, you can stop. The mix should now be like play-dough.

And there you have it! Golden glitter glue right in your hands. Without borax!

What do I do with it?

Put it in front of your little artist to play around with it. You can experiment with different types of glue, like the galaxy one. Combined with golden glitter, your wonder kid can visualize nebulae and galaxies! If you mix it with the bluish glues, your kid can imagine having a handful of the sky with stars in it! Make them create different figures out of it.

Show some examples to your child and ask it to reproduce the steps. Let your baby wonder’s imagination run wild and do its thing. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with! Their brains are trained to see fantasy, monsters, and colors in a way we adults cannot imagine. Well, we used to be like them but the big bad world took it away from us. Or did it?

The slime is too soft/hard/sticky

If you are having problems with the slime to bind together, extra Elmer’s clear washable glue should do the trick. Also, warm hands act as a catalyst in the process. Sometimes, the slime may stick to the bowl tight, but adjusting the glue amounts will get it out.

Try our fun 20 easy slime recipes list. Let us know how your slime making went. Have a suggestion to make the slime better, leave a comment. We love feedback from our fans.

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