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YouTube Slime Star Karina Garcia Facts, Bio, Family Info

The Toy Divas are big Karina Garcia fans. Watching her slime making YouTube videos daily. Here are some unknown facts and info about the slime making star.

About Karina Garcia

23-year old Karina Garcia is an American vlogger, YouTube superstar, and social media personality who deserve all the fame she receives. Her easy-to-follow videos on various subjects give her a niche and her viewers get that extra punch. If you are looking for DIY and life hacks videos, TheKarinaBear channel is the place to visit.

About The KarinaBear Channel

Karina Garcia created her channel on 19th October 2011. However, she started making and posting videos on February 11th, 2015.
Easy DIY lipstick was her first video on the channel. The most viewed video is DIY Nail Polish Lipstick which has over 25 million views since it was posted on July 11, 2016. Her videos have received over 695 million views to date.

Karina’s regular videos have a wide following because of their simplicity. Besides being simple, they are innovative and keep you hooked. She does not limit herself to beauty and makeup; she shares some incredible life hacks too.

Her Life Before Fame

Born on February 8th, 1994, Karina Gracias is famous her making DIY and life hack videos. She created her YouTube account in 2012 but rose to fame in 2015 when she started posting videos. Over the years, she has more than 2.2 million subscribers to her channel.

Some of her most viewed videos include “DIY Flubber soap” and “making Squishy soap” which have over one million views

Other Achievements

Karina released her first book” Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime” in 2017. The book is available on Amazon and E-Commerce Site.

Family And Personal Life

The 23-year-old YouTube superstar is unmarried, lives in California, and has a twin sister, Marya Isabel, who is a beauty vlogger.
Karina loves keeping her life private. She does not reveal her marital status, net worth, or any other personal information to social media or the Internet.

Karina Gracia As A Social Media Personality

The 23-year-old shares videos on beauty tips and life hacks. She has a large following on YouTube that appeal to the masses. She has over 2.2 million followers on YouTube, 5k on Twitter, and 80k on Instagram.

Karina’s Biodata

What is Karina’s height?
Karina is 1.65 m ( 5 feet 5 inches)
What is her weight?
The YouTube superstar weighs about 175 lbs
What is Karina’s eye color?
She has dark brown eyes
What is Karina’s hair color?
She has black hair
What is her nationality and where does she live?
Karina is an American who lives in California
What is Karina Garcia’s relationship status?
She is not married but her boyfriend is unknown
What is the name of her YouTube channel?
Her YouTube channel is youtube.com/user/TheKarinaBear where she shares her beauty, DIY, and life hack videos.
How much money does Karina make?
The 23-year-old makes about $200,000 by showing people how to make slime. She also receives $30,00-$60,000 in sponsorship deals.
How big is Karina’s house?
The YouTube superstar has a six-bedroom house in California with a swimming pool, screening room, hot tub, and game room. She is also building a guest house.
What inspired her to make the DIY slime?
Karina played with slime when she was bored as a child. As she grew old, Karina looked for online slime recipes. She did not find what she wanted and decided to experiment with making her own.
What did Karina do before becoming a YouTube superstar?
She was a waitress in Riverside, California
What does Karina Garcia use to make slime?
Some of the ingredients she uses include white glue, food coloring, and other mix-ins for her gooey slime.


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