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How To Make Contact Solution, Alternatives For Slime Making

Contact lens solution has many uses around the home. It can be used for multiple things and not just by people who use contacts. You can now learn how to make contact solution at home. These alternatives for contact solution and easy to make and can be turned into a fun project. This alternative can be used to help keep the contact clean. It can also be used in a number of crafts and projects that children can enjoy making.

Saline Solution
A basic saline solution can replace contact solution. The saline rinse will be sterile and balances the isotonic fluids in the body. The salt will also kill bacteria that can grow and rinses away other contaminants as well. Since saline is similar to the fluids that are naturally found in the body it is easier for the tissues and the cells. This alternative to contact solution is gentle on the body and can even be used by people that are sensitive.

The Ingredients
To make this homemade contact solution you are going to need some basic ingredients. You will need boiling water and salt. It does not get more basic than this. Just about any salt can be used. When looking to purchase salt look for unionized salt. This is salt that does not contain iodine. Do not use rock salt or sea salt. They have added chemicals that can cause problems for some people. When it comes to water it really does not matter. Distilled water works best but regular tap water is fine as well. You are going to need 9 grams of sale per liter of water. This breaks down to about a teaspoonful of salt per cup of water.

Preparing the Solution
Once the water has come to a boil stir in the salt. Some people like to use a teaspoon of baking soda as well. This is an option and is up to you. Allow the salt to dissolve into the water. Be sure to keep a lid on the container that it being used at all times. This will prevent microorganism from entering it. If there is a space where air can get in the liquid may become contaminated. This mixture needs to be allowed to cool. It should cool down to room temperature before being used.

Way to Keep Things Sterile
When you are making this alternative to contact solution at home it is very important to keep things sterile. If you are going to use this as an alternative to store and clean your contacts even the slightest mistake can lead to an eye infection. Bacteria will get into the eye and may cause serious damage. This solution should be made on the same day that it is going to be used. This will help keep bacteria out. Before putting the solution into a container make sure the container is sterile. Do not recycle contains around the home. Even if they are cleaned well there can still be hidden bacteria.

Preparation to Making the Solution
Be sure that before you touch anything this will be used in this solution that your hands are clean. Washing them in hot water with soap can remove bacteria that is found on the hands. While tap water was recommended distilled water is still best. This water has been cleaned and purified before it is being sold. It is best to use a container that has a small opening. This will reduce the chance of microorganisms from entering. The container should have a lid that fits properly and is easy to remove when the solution is going to be used. After the contact solution alternative is made and put into the container it should be stored in a place that is cool and dark. If the temperature is too high this can lead to the growth of bacteria.

These are some of the alternatives to contact solution that you can use and make at home. The simplest is the saline solution that is made from salt and water. This solution is safe to make and safe to use. As long it is kept in an air tight container this solution is a great alternative for commercial contact solution.

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