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How To Make Galaxy Slime, DIY Recipe Without Borax

Ever thought of holding the galaxy in your hands? Well, here is one way you can do just that! Introducing, the Galaxy Slime!


Slime, in itself, is a pretty cool but not so expensive toy out there. And it shines and captivates even more with glitters! What’s great is that you can make one all by yourself!


This is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own pretty, non-solid, non-liquid, wonderful Galaxy Slime.



Clear glue

Liquid starch

Food coloring

3 small bowls



12 oz clear glue

½ cup liquid starch

food coloring: black, dark blue, pink and purple

fine glitter



  1. Divide the glue in three separate bowls. Add in both the black and dark blue food coloring in 1 bowl, the pink in another and the purple in the last one. Mix well.
  2. Add glitter to all the bowls. Use a stick to combine all ingredients together. Make sure there are no lumps left.
  3. It is now time to get the liquid starch and make magic! Add in starch a teaspoon at a time until the right slime texture is reached. You may knead the mixture with your hands to give it more solidity. Watch how your slime slowly comes into life! Do this to all three bowls.
  4. You may now combine the three slimes you’ve made to make your own galaxy. Don’t mix too much at this point to still have distinguishable colors.



* If food coloring doesn’t come off from your hands with soap and water, try using white vinegar.


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