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How To Make Pearl Slime, Easy to Follow Homemade Recipe

Pearl slime offers hours of fun for all ages and is incredibly easy to make at home. Follow our recipe for Homemade Pearl Slime. We show you the ingredients for making the best Pearl Slime. Buy all of these inexpensive items at your local store or online.

First, you will gather up all of your ingredients to make your slime. The following items are typically available locally, but you can also buy some of them online.

1. White PVA Glue (polyvinyl acetate) – Elmer’s Glue is a popular brand, but any glue for paper or wood will work well. White glue is great, but if you can find the clear version, I’d use that as I find the result is more shimmery,

2. Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) – Any brand will do;

3. Metallic or pearly colored acrylic paint;

4. Saline Solution or eye drops (also known as contact lens solution.) Be sure that you look at the ingredients of the solution. It should say on the bottle that it contains Boric Acid or Sodium Borate. Failing that, if it has the word “buffered” on the package, it’s the right kind.

5. Shaving Cream (optional to make Puffy Pearl Slime). Be sure to pick a fragrance that you like.

Other Supplies

1. Mixing bowl,

2. Glass measuring cup,

3. Measuring spoons,

4. Stirring spoon, preferably plastic for easier clean-up;

5. Rubber spatula

In your mixing bowl put approximately 5 ounces (158 ml) of the PVA glue. Add ½ teaspoon of the baking soda. Then add as much paint as you think you might need to get the color of slime that you want, maybe start with two tablespoons.

Stir the mixture vigorously, then add ½ cup of shaving cream and begin to mix up the three ingredients slowly. Add more paint if you would like a more brilliant colored slime. Stir well.
Add approximately 1.7 ounces (50 ml) of the saline solution and stir rapidly. Start with a little at a time. The slime should start to release from the insides of the bowl and become a solid piece that you can pick up. Do not add too much saline or your slime will be too sticky.

Knead, poke and stretch your slime until it is thoroughly blended, smooth and elastic. It should no longer be sticky. Voila! Fluffy, puffy Pearl Slime!

There are a few variations of the Pearl Slime that you can make. I love the fluffy, puffy version, so that is what I explained here, but you could just eliminate the shaving cream for a sleek pearl slime that does not have the puffy effect.

You can add fake pearls to your mixture of varying shapes and sizes, usually found at your local dollar store for a more sensory experience during play. Add the pearls right after the shaving cream.
Some people also use food coloring and shiny pigments to create the color of their slime, but I have found the easiest, quickest recipe to use the metallic, acrylic paints, which are already premixed. With this, you also know exactly what color you are going to end up with.
With the acrylic paints, you can also make slime that looks like gold, copper or silver, which you can’t do with the food coloring method. What fun!

Why Slime?
Making Pearl Slime is a really fun and easy activity to do with your children, and some older children can enjoy doing the project with little to no supervision.
As much fun as it is to make Pearl Slime, the best part is playing with it afterward. Children or adults can enjoy hours of fun playing with the squishy, pearly slime. I know that I do!

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