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Top 5 Musical.ly “Musers” And 5 Interesting Facts About Them

Here are the current top five Musical.ly app users today, also known as “musers,”  as well as five interesting facts about each one!

5. Jason Coffee, 36
*Jason has worked for Starbucks since 2002.
*As soon as he heard about Musical.ly, which was released in January of 2013, Jason immediately began using it instead of his favorite app, which, at the time, was Vine.
*Jason has three children: Payton, Isaac, and Caleb.
*He got married to his wife on April 28, 2003.
*Jason is originally from Sacramento, California, but has also lived in the state of Hawaii.

4. Danielle Cohn, 12
*Danielle has competed in the Miss Florida Jr. Preteen pageant for two years. Before eventually winning the crown, she finished 4th runner-up and 2nd runner-up in those respective years.
*She is a legitimately-signed model who also eventually gained a following online thanks to the Musical.ly app.
*Thanks to the app, Danielle has a total of an impressive 2.7 million fans!
*She once made teddy bears as gifts for children who were patients at the Children’s Miracle Hospital.
*Danielle has a brother who has helped escort her to various pageant-related events.

3. Kristen Hancher, 17
*Kristen is perhaps one of the most well-known and highly-followed personalities on both Musical.ly and Instagram.
*She has a total of an astonishing 9 million fans on Musical.ly!
*Before joining Musical.ly, Kristen was highly active on the YouNow live broadcast network.
*She is also a talented actress, dancer, singer, and soccer player!
*Kristen was both born and raised in Canada.

2. Jacob Sartorius, 14
*Jacob is a big social media star who has earned a total of 6 million Instagram followers, as well as an amazing 11 million Musical.ly fans thanks to his lip sync videos!
*Jacob also has over 900,000 followers on the popular Vine app.
*He released his third single, “All My Friends,” on his 14th birthday.
*Jacob also has over 1 million followers on Twitter, as well as over 1.8 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel!
*His first music single, “Sweatshirt,” was released in 2016.

1. Loren Gray, 14
*Loren has over 10 million followers on Musical.ly and is also extremely popular on both YouTube and YouNow.
*Throughout social media, she is also known as “Loren Gray.”
*Loren was born and raised in Pennsylvania.
*She originally joined Twitter in March of 2013.
*Loren joined YouNow in June of 2014.

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