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How To Make A Homemade Stress Ball, Simple DIY Instructions

Making a stress ball at home is an easy project to do at home with our without a balloon. With these simple step by step instructions, you can make stress balls at home. You can give them as gifts or keep for yourself. You will be able to easy follow our instructions for making your own stress balls at home. With two different projects for stress balls projects with or without balloons.
Do you have some balloons left over from that last party this is an easy stress ball project to use them?

Here is what you are going to need to make this type of stress ball.
– Balloons (not water balloons they are too thin for this project)
– Cornstarch
– Water
– Water bottle (empty)
– Food coloring (optional)

In a bowl mix a cup of water and two cups of cornstarch. Stirring until it makes a goopy paste. This mixture should have resistance when stirring in a fast pace. You can add food coloring now if you would like to. Pour the mixture into the water bottle, the water bottle makes it easier to get the mixture into the balloon. Take the balloon and attach it to the water bottle top, covering the opening of the water bottle. Flip the water bottle over and squeeze the mixture into the balloon until full. Make sure not to let any air bubbles. Tie the end of the balloon to seal. With another balloon that you have cut the end off the balloon. Wrap this second balloon over the filled balloon to add a little more strength to your stress ball.

What if you don’t have cornstarch?
Other fillers are easy to use for this project as well. Flour and baking soda, make a firm stress ball. Other alternatives make for a looser stress ball, use fine play sand or split peas for the filler. For these looser fillers, you will not need to make a mixture. Fill a balloon with the filler and cover with the second balloon for strength and to cover the knot.You can find any of these ingredients for this project at your local grocery store. If you do not have them in your pantry at home.

What if you can not use balloons?
Here are a few ideas for making stress balls without balloons. We would recommend that you make the firm stress ball recipe. Use either cornstarch, flour, or baking soda. You will need two cups of the these and one cup of water.

Use a zip lock bag at home; you will need two of them and a small rubber band or something to close the new bag you will make. Take scissors and cut off the zip area of both zip lock style bags. Fill one bag with the mixture and close the top. Then cover the closer with the other bag and close that bag as well for strength and keep in any leaks of the mixture.

We hope that you too will enjoy making these stress balls to give as gifts to your friends or keep for yourself.

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