When To Get A Lawyer After A Car Accident

Car accidents are quite often today due to several reasons. They are unfortunate events that no one should go through, which means you have to be careful while on the road. However, once you are involved in a car accident, there are instances when you may need legal representation. Hiring a lawyer to represent you after an accident may seem expensive for you at first, but if you have a pressing issue, why you need one its worth it for you.

What are some of the reasons which may necessitate you to have a Baltimore car accident lawyer? Here are some reasons:

1. Insurance broker failure to pa

After an accident that was not intentional, your insurance broker should compensate you back to your financial position. This will include a complete repair on the damaged car provided you have made full payments on premiums due. However, if they happen to neglect their responsibility to do so, you may have to seek the services of an auto accident lawyer. He/she will help you file a case against the insurance broker and get a full reimbursement.

2. Serious injury 

Once you are involved in a severe road accident, you might have to seek an auto accident lawyer’s services if the person liable is not willing to cooperate on paying for damages. The more serious the accident, the more the compensation it should be for you. Injuries such as scratches or minor surgery are not termed as severe. An irreversible injury, such as a spine injury that rendered you unable to walk, is a reasonable basis for a lawsuit and seeking a lawyer’s representation services.

3. Show negligence of the injured party 

All road accidents should not be blamed on the person who caused it. At times the injured party is equally to blame. With the aid of a Baltimore auto accident lawyer, you can be able to prove yourself innocent and that the injured party is to blame for the accident. An instance such as a drunkard being hit by you and still goes to court to sue you is an excellent example in this case.

4. Multiple parties involved 

Some accidents involve more than one vehicle or multiple pedestrians. In such a situation, insurance claim settlement and negotiation can be challenging to handle for you since it’s overwhelming. Instead of going through the hassle, you can hire a legal representative to handle it for you. Auto accident lawyers are experienced in claim settlement negotiations and will cut you off a deal that is worth your time and money.

5. Insurance broker blames you

Apart from the insurance broker refusing to pay, they may also blame you for the accident. As you sign any auto insurance contract, you can only claim compensation if you can prove that you are not responsible for the accident. If your broker blames you for the accident and you are sure it was not your fault, you may decide to hire a car accident lawyer to help you win the case and get reimbursed for the damages.

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