Disney Pin Collecting

What are Disney Hidden Mickey Pins, How to Find and Collect Them

If you’re a Disney enthusiast, like we are, you’ve probably started a collection of Disney pins. There are many different types of Disney pins to collect. Finding all the pins in a set is my favorite way to collect.

Did you know that instead of buying pins you can trade them with Disney cast members? You can trade any metal pin that has the “©Disney” mark. Cast members also trade Hidden Mickey pins.

What is a Disney Hidden Mickey Pin?

Cast members use Hidden Mickey pins to trade with you while visiting the Disney parks. These front of these special and unique pins have a small Mickey Mouse icon hidden in the artwork. The back of the pin has a silver-colored stamped box indicating the pin is a Hidden Mickey pin. The back stamp also shows the number of pins in that collection.

How do I trade Hidden Mickey pins?

You can trade up to 2 Hidden Mickey pins per cast member, per day. You simply find a participating cast member with a pin lanyard, ask politely to see their pins and make your trade. You can also trade pins with other guests at the park. Many of them are also looking for a good trade!

Getting started is easy

If you do not have any pins to trade; don’t get discouraged! It’s easy to get started on your pin collection journey! Select Hidden Mickey pins can be purchased in a Hidden Mickey Mystery Pouch or you can get a Disney pin starter kit that includes a set of themed pins. It’s okay if you get some you don’t want, simply trade them for one you do want!

Trading pins is fun and easy

A Disney cast member will always say yes to a trade, as long as it is an official Disney pin in good condition. Guests can refuse to trade with you if you don’t have anything they want. Pin trading was created to be an extra way to have fun and bring the magic home with you; always be respectful and polite to the cast members and the guests.

Collecting is for everyone

Whether your kids are just starting out with their new pin collection or Grandma is finishing up her collection; there is so much joy that comes with collecting pins. It’s a great way to interact with the Disney cast members and guests. They can tell you facts about their pins and you can share what you know about yours! It really is a neat way to add extra fun to your Disney vacation! It’s great for kids and adults of all ages!

Helpful tips for pin collecting

•Pins should be in good, undamaged, tradable condition.
•Do not ever grab a cast member’s or guest’s pin lanyard.
•Always be respectful and polite when asking for a trade. Keep in mind some guests do not trade their pins.
•Cast members will only refuse a trade if your pin is not part of the Pin Trading program.

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